Social USP

While we have the intellect and experience to create real value for digital businesses, it is our desire to make a big positive change in our world that sets us apart.

Our common purpose is to excel at what we do, so that we can build highly successful businesses, whose profits we invest in social change.

We are motivated by doing work we're great at, and creating a legacy at the same time.


It is said that "a principle isn't a principle until it cost you something." In the cut and thrust of business, compromises are made every day. We hold ourselves to a higher standard in our behaviour, dedication, and commitment to quality. We are proud of what we stand for and the way we act, and are held to account in a very public way by Ninety's independent Ethics Board, chaired by one of our clients.

Full transparency is in, egos are out.

Ninety Consulting - How We Work


To be effective, we've applied a lean mind-set to our working style. Our teams work as pods of 3 to 4 consultants equipped with toolsets, frameworks and methodologies that enable them have a disproportionate impact relative to the team size.

Knowledge transfer

We are as comfortable in the boardroom as we are sat alongside delivery teams. At the centre of our approach lies a certainty that sustainable change is founded on understanding and adoption. Accordingly, we want our clients to absorb and reuse as much of our intellectual property as possible. Throughout our engagements, we transfer our knowledge to client teams by working side-by-side within our best practice frameworks.